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Senseonics’ Eversense E3 offers accurate 365-day performance

Senseonics’ Eversense E3 offers accurate 365-day performance

GERMANTOWN, Md. – Senseonics Holdings highlighted new clinical data demonstrating the safety and accuracy of its Eversense E3 CGM system during a presentation at the American Diabetes Association 83rd Scientific Session. “These data further bolster Eversense’s position as a leading CGM choice for people with diabetes,” said Francine Kaufman, M.D., Senseonics chief medical officer. “These recent studies are an important step forward as we continue to expand awareness of the system’s unique clinical benefits. We are thankful for the opportunity to present these results to our peers at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions and are proud to support the global diabetes community with a CGM that provides safety and accuracy benefits that can lead to more effective diabetes management.” Key data include: 

  • Sensor longevity was 97% through 365 days 
  • The sensor was safe with few minor skin irritation adverse events 
  • MARD observed for the modified CGM system through 365 days was similar to that observed with Eversense E3 CGM System through 180 days 
  • The feasibility study of the next generation Eversense Sensor showed the system could provide accurate performance through a 365-day period.


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