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Share this video! Jenny takes on D.C.

Share this video! Jenny takes on D.C.

NRRTS sent out a bulletin to its members this week that includes a video of Jenny Siegle's trip to Washington, D.C., as part of CELA. Siegle, a consumer advocate, is shown at her job as an associate producer at Altitude Sports in Colorado and on Capitol Hill in D.C. to meet with lawmakers to discuss the need for a separate benefit for complex rehab to preserve access to high-end power wheelchairs and other technology.

The video is timely in a number of ways: As you can see from this update on the efforts to create a separate benefit, stakeholders are getting closer to drafting legislative language and finding a sponsor to introduce a bill. This video makes it crystal clear what happens when people with disabilities have access to the equipment they need. Cue the voice-over: "Jenny, like thousands of other Americans with disabilities, counts on her power wheelchair for the freedom and independence she needs to lead an active, productive and tax-paying life."

The video's also timely because CELA 2011 is coming sooner than you think: Feb. 16-18.

NRRTS is asking members to share the video with referral sources, clients, friends and family. The bulletin states: "There is so much negative press and propaganda aimed at our industry and profession. It's about time for us to step-up and give Congress and CMS, along with the print and broadcast media, a visual image of the people we serve and how decisions (that have been) made impact lives."

Liz Beaulieu


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