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Sheehan not sitting on HME sidelines

Sheehan not sitting on HME sidelines

SANDWICH, Mass. – After years of “ill-fated policy decisions,” the HME industry is finally enjoying some stability, but providers need to leverage technology if they want to fully benefit from the more positive environment, says Gary Sheehan. 

“In terms of the reimbursement rate environment and the regulatory environment – that’s pretty well-known,” says Sheehan. “So, what you are back to now is a growth environment for providers. But you can’t do that without substantial investment in in technology.” 

Sheehan, a longtime provider who left AdaptHealth in 2023 to launch Scorton Creek Capital and join technology company Darby as a growth advisor, was a recent guest on the HME News in 10 podcast to discuss what’s next for him. 

Scorton Creek Capital 

Sheehan created Scorton Creek Capital with a goal of investing in and supporting early-stage health care technology companies, as well as providing advisory insight. 

“(I’m) leveraging my 20-plus year career in different environments across the sector to provide insight on strategy, on strong investment options, and then on the venture side, kind of advising on the go-to-market stuff, in terms of introducing them to market participants,” he said. “Oftentimes, technology companies will come to the table with solutions, but without enough insight (into the market). From the actual end user community, I can provide some of that.” 

About that name 

While Sheehan didn’t go so far as to say Scorton Creek, a tidal creek in the Sandwich area of Cape Cod where he grew up, is a metaphor for its namesake business, the parallels are there. In addition to a bridge for the time-honored childhood rite of jumping in, there’s a number of companies offering tubing and kayaking. 

“The companies have leveraged the tide to drive eco-tourism and people float in and out of the creek all day long,” Sheehan said. “It’s still a place where my wife and son and I go pretty much every day.” 

Not on the sidelines 

Sheehan, who rolled his family business, Cape Medical Supply, into Spiro Health in 2020 before selling to AdaptHealth in 2021, says he’s excited to continue doing whatever it takes to propel the HME industry forward. 

“I have a real passion for the HME industry,” he said. “I think they have (made) and can make a significant difference in the health care problem in this country, which is spending far too much and getting far too little in return. HME has to be part of that.” 


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