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Shiny new meter seeks compatible test strips

Shiny new meter seeks compatible test strips

I am getting a new meter! Well, actually, I have had it for about 2 weeks but haven't been able to get test strips for it yet. I had hoped that, because the new prescription is for a new test strip (Freestyle Insulinx, the first of its kind touch-screen) meter, that the insurance company, which sent me a letter encouraging me try this meter, would allow it.

Nope. I last filled a (30-day) strip script June 18 and so wasn't eligible yet. There was also confusion at the pharmacy, which thought that there must be a mistake, that I was supposed to get my usual Freestyle lite (actually, I worried something like this might happen) because they hadn't filled a script for a new meter. Well, no. I got it direct from the manufacturer, for free, of course. After all, if they hook ya with the meter, you're on the hook for strips.

So, on July 11, after calls with the Dr.'s office, and calls with the pharmacy, and calls between the Dr.'s office and the pharmacy, we got the brand confusion sorted, but I still couldn't get the script filled because of the 30-day thing.

"They know exactly what you get and when," Cindy from CVS told me.

I was hoping to be able to save a few strips from the old script so I'd have a backup meter, just in case.

What I really don't like is that, apparently, the insurer wants to wait until the absolute last minute for me to get a refill. I mean, I thought there was like a five-day window before the actual 30 days was up? Maybe in my dreams.

I am just glad that, as far as diabetes testing supplies go, I don't have to prove they are dysfunctional.

Stay tuned.

Theresa Flaherty

Type 1


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