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Snowy hill or Sisyphean task?

Snowy hill or Sisyphean task?

HME News World HQ is located in a tiny little dip where the land meets the sea. There are three roads out, all uphill. In yesterday's snowstorm, which wasn't markedly different than any other snowstorm, I found myself unable to coax my car up the steep hill to Main Street. Literally halfway up, it refused to budge and I found myself reversing direction back down the hill to relative safety.

The whole scene called to mind the often Sisyphean tasks providers contend with, namely fixing the competitive bidding program. For example, they get a bill introduced, they start pushing it up the hill, and then the clock runs out. Or they get CRT accessories excluded, only for vents to be added.

Often, it simply starts to feel like such a long slog: for me to write about, certainly, but also for our famous “stakeholders,” tasked with the endless cycle of calls and meetings and lawmaker visits.

Speaking of stakeholders, this week's MAMES member bulletin highlights this beautifully. The top story: “Legislative Update: No change from last week.”

That's what we in the biz call a slow news week!

Fortunately, the bill IS picking up cosponsors, most recently Rep. Morgan, R-Va. on Feb. 6. With the impeachment boondoggle behind us, perhaps lawmakers can now turn to other matters, but time will tell.

As for me, I headed in a different direction and eventually made it home, no worse of the wear.


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