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So, how bad do you really want me?

So, how bad do you really want me?

I know you want me. You think about me all the time. The question is, am I your fantasy or do you have the courage to take me and make me yours? Can you really handle me?

If you think I'm talking about Mike Sperduti, even my ego isn't that big. I'm using “me” as a metaphor for success. You see, this is a new year and just like every other year, you want to be successful in 2015. The fact is, 2015 will be challenging and very few of us will be successful. So the real question is: What do we have to do to have a great year?

The answer is it's up to you and your brain. Your thinking and psychology will play the biggest part in determining your success or failure this year. If you think external factors like competitive bidding, healthcare legislation or other people are responsible for what happens in your life, then you are handing over that power to them. If they are responsible, then you can't make it right, only the situation/other person can. The first step to having the best year of your life is to take absolute responsibility for everything—what you have, what is going on and who can fix it. You aren't always to blame for what happens, but you are always responsible for your response. That's why the words are so alike.

The life and business you have now has far less to do with the external events than it has to do with the way you have responded to them. It is a poor excuse to say that you are where you are because of the economic climate or because of him or her. Whether that is actually true or not gives these outside factors the power over you. The results you're currently getting—good or bad—are simply due to your thoughts and the decisions and actions they lead to.

Everywhere you look you will start to notice, if you haven't already, the people who blame the whole world for what befalls them. They always have an excuse and a shitty story. They have a terrible job due to their difficult teenage years and their parent's poor upbringing; they can't get promoted because their boss is a moron. What they are trying to tell you from their subconscious mind is that they are scared—scared of their real power—to create success in whatever they want.

Who do they think brought the anger, resentment or boredom to the situation? It wasn't there when they started their journey. If they just admit that they are responsible for where they are and where they're going, then they would be in a position to change their destiny. If they could just come to the simple fact that it's not the cards you are dealt but how you play the game, then they could start to make choices about the kind of life, career and business they want. They would have to give up the reasons, blame and excuses, and in return, they would be handed the immense power to achieve the ultimate success they are looking for.

But you and me, we know all this stuff, so let us now focus on three easy things we can do this year to have our most successful year and kick some butt!

 4 Get rid of all the negative and incompetent people in your life and business. Do it today! These folks are anchors that bring you, your performance and your quality of life down. Hire and hang around people who make you better.

4 Create a predictable, repeatable and profitable business model. We must know specifically how to generate consistent outcomes in every area of our business. No longer can we take any chances. If we don't know how—get help. There are really talented people out there who have the passion and expertise to make your biggest problems go away.

4 Today, good is not even close to being good enough. Either you're the best at what you do or you'll find yourself eventually out of business or unemployed. There is more competition for everything. This should scare the hell out of you and haunt you every day to get better and smarter. Invest in training and education. Take advantage of industry resources like webinars, online training, the HME News Business Summit, Medtrade and VGM Heartland.

So I'll ask you again, how bad do you want success? Are you willing to think, act and do what is necessary? Remember, it's all up to you and that's awesome!

Mike Sperduti is president and CEO of Emerge Sales.


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