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Softgait makes it easy to add new business

Softgait makes it easy to add new business

FLETCHER, N.C. - A new tool that connects DME providers with a nationwide network of certified shoe fitters aims to help providers kick-start a therapeutic shoe business without having to incur a lot of expense, says Marcus Suess.

“It's an easy add-on product line for 2018,” said Suess, vice president of new business development for Softgait. “Let's get DME companies together with fitters and create scale that way because alone, as we journey through competitive bidding and everything else, alone DMEs are weak.”

The cloud-based Softgait tracks and documents every step of the process, from intake to inventory to compliance. The patient is connected with a local fitter who schedules the appointment to assess and fit the patient, and then uploads the information. Once the DME provider approves the paperwork, the fitter orders the shoes and delivers them to the patient.

“We know that it's profitable for the DME and good for the fitter,” he said. “The DME can go ahead, they've got all the paperwork, they've got all the delivery pieces—everything they need to bill the insurance.”

The average reimbursement for a pair of diabetic shoes is about $350, says Suess.

The shoe company bills the DME and the DME pays the fitter at rates that have been pre-negotiated by Softgait. There are no start-up costs and no monthly fees. Providers pay only when they connect with the shoe fitter on an order, says Suess. Softgait can be used on its own or integrated with an existing billing system.

For Suess, who started in the DME business in 2001 providing diabetic shoes before getting into diabetes testing supplies, its like comng full circle.

“For me, its fun to be back in the mix,” he said.


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