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Somnia turns the page on sleep

Somnia turns the page on sleep

LONE TREE, Colo. - Somnia Sleep Wellness hopes two new e-books open a discussion to a broad range of sleep issues.

“A lot of people don't want to admit to having a sleep problem,” said Peter Fatianow, president and CEO of the sleep wellness retail store.

The e-books, “The Sleep Disorder Guide: Symptoms, Treatments & Solutions,” and “Insomnia Insider Guide: What's Really Keeping You Up at Night and What to Do to Help You Fall Asleep,” detail causes, symptoms and solutions for sleep disorders. They're available for free download at

Although insomnia and sleep apnea would seem to be very different animals, it turns out that many people who believe they have insomnia actually have sleep apnea, says Fatianow.

“There was a study done where they looked at people who were, quote, unquote, chronic insomniacs and they would take (sleeping drugs) but it never worked,” he said. “A significant majority had sleep apnea. In the general physician community, its often easier to write a prescription that it is to have the longer discussion.”

Somnia opened in November 2014. It offers sleep assessments, home sleep testing, CPAP equipment and oral appliances for people suffering from sleep apnea, snoring and insomnia. It currently doesn't accept insurance.

While the number of Americans with undiagnosed sleep apnea is in the millions, near-daily studies and news reports linking lack of sleep to cancer, dementia and other diseases, have people taking notice, he said.

“They are making that connection and saying, 'What do I do about it?'” said Fatianow.


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