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Speaker Q&A: Balance is key in 'new normal'

Speaker Q&A: Balance is key in 'new normal'

ATLANTA - What is the “new normal”for HME providers? That's the question many providers are grappling with as they work to chart a path forward in an environment marked by constant change.

At Medtrade in Atlanta, in “HME the New Normal,” Ty Bello, president and founder of [email protected], will participate on a panel that will give turn-by-turn directions on how providers can improve their organization's health, leadership and overall business culture.

HME News:What is the “new normal” for sales in the HME industry right now?

Ty Bello:The “new normal” addresses how we approach the medical community to gain referrals or business,and also how we conduct our sales calls.

HME:Why must sales be one of the three pillars of success?

Bello:Sales is the beginning of the revenue cycle,and we must continue to drive our sales efforts with solid metrics and a consistent cadence.

HME:You're also presenting on motivating sales personnel in a down economy. What are your tips?

Bello: Whether we have anup or down economy, sales people need to be motivated and engaged.HME providers need to have solid metrics and a consistent cadence for their salesteam, and while this feeds enthusiasm, especially when the numbers are up, we need to be consistently charging our sales team members to drive and push harder.

HME:If attendees take away one thing from this session, what should it be?

Bello:A balance of marketing, sales, and revenue cycle will ensure your business not only survives but also thrives in the new normal.

Ty Bello

president and founder, [email protected]

Tuesday, March 27, 2018: 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM, Room: Islander G

HME the New Normal

Contact: Ty Bello 260-627-8938/[email protected]


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