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Sponsored content: Drastically improve all aspects of your DME/HME business with SeriousERP

Sponsored content: Drastically improve all aspects of your DME/HME business with SeriousERP

What is SeriousERP?
SeriousERP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform designed to manage and improve every aspect of a DME/HME business. This system was built by collaborating with DME experts to reduce costs and improve efficiency while increasing productivity. SeriousERP has a modular design that allows clients to fully customize the solution while maintaining an affordable price point.

In critical times, the need to manage a business remotely becomes a rule, not an exception. Among the lessons the COVID19 pandemic has taught us in just a short time is the fragile nature of a typical business environment and the possibility of a complete standstill or total collapse. When a highly contagious viral threat lurks in every corner, the best thing you can do is stay home. With SeriousERP, you can manage to do both, stay safe, yet manage the entire operation without productivity loss.

Just log in from anywhere in the world, your whole business is literally at your fingertips.

Scalable Flexible and Adaptive.
SeriousERP supports expansion by design for business growth, whether one local office or many warehouse locations nationally. The scalability of the software is quite simply, limitless. This system is flexible and adaptive, providing its clients with modular design that allows you to make SeriousERP fit like a glove.

Functionality beyond expectation
A system like no other, its inventory functionality is robust and precise, allowing you to track products from receipt to delivery and through the repair, cleaning and, testing maintenance “queues.” You will always know where your assets reside, managing idle assets to reduce shrinkage and increase timeliness back to rental ready. Electronic in-field order fulfillment means no more paper tickets, complete with scanning and signature capture, all while providing full control and detailed information with reporting based on real-time data.

What SeriousERP's clients have to say
“We use SeriousERP for every aspect of our operations from order processing and dispatch, billing, purchasing and inventory management, customer and contract management, warehousing, reporting, and web-based customer online ordering. It is the backbone of our organization from an operations and business processing perspective.”

20 Year Anniversary
This year, Multiplayer World, the driving engine behind SeriousERP, is turning 20. Multiplayer world is a software design powerhouse that specializes in enterprise programming. Two decades made possible by the trust and loyalty of clients as well as the success rate of their projects.

See how SeriousERP has drastically improved every aspect of so many DME/HME businesses, Schedule a demo today by contacting us at 305.704.3722 |


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