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Stakeholders urge immediate outreach on 75/25

Stakeholders urge immediate outreach on 75/25

WASHINGTON – Lawmakers are expected to work on the next government spending package throughout the weekend and AAHomecare is urging providers to reach out to healthcare staffers to make sure the industry’s 75/25 blended rate provisions are included.

It is critically urgent that HME advocates send a personal email and make a phone call today to healthcare staffers in the House and Senate to make sure we're not left out of the package, says the association.

AAHomecare is providing suggested language:

“I understand that provisions to extend the Medicare 75/25 blended rate for DME may not be included in the next pending package. Please ask [name of Senator/Representative] to speak with leadership as soon as possible to make a strong request that the DME 75/25 rate extension be included in the government funding package. Maintaining this relief is critical to providing strong access to DME in my community.”

You should also note that the cuts have already taken effect as of Jan. 1 and talk about how the are impacting access to care, if applicable.  

Please email and call today and/or through the weekend.  Email Gordon Barnes at [email protected] for contact info for Senate and House healthcare staffers.


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