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Supermarket for snoring? Sure!

Supermarket for snoring? Sure!

When Patrick Tessier, a long-time snorer, eventually sought a solution for his condition, he discovered many different products. What he also found: a specialty market niche for oral appliances for the dental lab he owned. Earlier this year, Tessier launched, an online store that brings together products for people who snore or suffer from mild sleep apnea. Tessier spoke with HME News recently about how his personal journey led him to a new business opportunity.

HME News: Why did it take so long for you to seek help for your snoring?

Patrick Tessier: You have to go to your physician, get a referral to a sleep lab, get a test. The prescription sat on my desk for months because I was thinking about going to a sleep lab, spending the night, the costs involved—it's difficult. You have to be motivated and I was not.

HME: You were finally diagnosed using home sleep testing. How are you being treated?

Tessier: I've been using an oral appliance, which is unbelievably effective. If you look at protocols for mild to moderate sleep apnea, it should be an oral appliance.

HME: Snoremart carries everything from earplugs to nasal sprays to non-custom oral appliances. How did you put it all together?

Tessier: We spent a couple of years researching and making sure to separate the wheat from the chaff. We wanted to have a comprehensive list of products and let the consumer choose what works best for them. The products we sell are not for long-term use. The primary product is the oral appliance. If you achieve some success from any of these products, the next step would be to go to a professional to get a better, long-term product.


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