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Supply chain and recall: Aeroflow uses size to press narrative

Supply chain and recall: Aeroflow uses size to press narrative

Eric MongeauASHEVILLE, N.C. – Aeroflow Healthcare has ramped up outreach efforts to make sure payers and lawmakers understand the impact of a global semiconductor chip shortage and a CPAP device recall on providers and patients. 

“We wanted to take an independent stance and see what action we could drum up beyond what we’re already involved in with AAHomecare and VGM,” said Eric Mongeau, national director for Aeroflow Sleep. “This aligns perfectly with our responsibility to use our scale to have those conversations and to try to rally folks and be an advocate for what’s going on right now.” 

Among other things, Aeroflow has asked its employees to share issues with their members of Congress and more widely on social media. It has also asked payers to consider reimbursement changes and, at least for a short time, lift compliance standards.  

At a high level, Aeroflow and other large providers are also in regular contact with the FDA about the recall, says Mongeau, who points to a recent notice from the agency telling Philips it needs to better communicate with those affected. 

“That has been a fruitful relationship because they are being told one thing from Philips, and we’re able to add some clarity and reality to that,” he said. “Anecdotally, I fly a lot and I meet people on the plane with their CPAP bags and I’m still shocked at how some of these folks don’t know there’s a recall or understand the process that they are supposed to go through.” 

Now’s the time, with the pandemic continuing to shine a spotlight on the HME industry, for Aeroflow and other providers to educate payers and lawmakers specifically about the recall and the shortage, Mongeau says. 

“We’ve had some positive considerations from our outreach and good follow up to the point we’ve had payers start approving some of these (replacement) devices,” he said. “It’s all around being an advocate for yourself. We’re all in this together.” 


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