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Technology: Take 360-degree view

Technology: Take 360-degree view

Q. How can providers take advantage of changing patient pathways through new technology and partnerships?

A. Over the last few months, I focused on the value of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools and how effective they could be in maximizing outreach to patients, closing the patient-to-physician communication gap, increasing efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

I will continue with that thinking but I thought I would start with an anecdote related to the Oculus Quest. I visited a friend recently who raved about how her family played ping pong together across the country in virtual reality. I was intrigued enough to don the silly visor and amazed at how immersed I was in my own world even when surrounded by a room full of people that in an instant disappeared from my conscience. The game is great fun, but more importantly, it represents an extraordinary paradigm shift in how we think about family communication and entertainment.

I think there is a parallel in business and, although not completely new, much is being researched and written lately about 360-degree leadership and technology solutions. The ability to see, manage, work and think from every angle is an extremely powerful way to maximize the effectiveness of any working system.

In your DME business, look for technology solutions that provide increased choice and access to information for patients, institutional providers and physicians in your communities.

DME providers are in the best position to help patients and physicians build and adopt consequential solutions to improved health care, but they have to reach out to technology providers that can integrate a 360-degree network of technologies that include EHR/EMR platforms, RPM platforms, benefit data, billing systems, equipment delivery, ERP platforms, patient outreach/engagement platforms and patient use information.

It’s a win-win when you utilize new technology that improves patient outcomes, reduces reliance on outdated more costly approaches and maximizes your businesses financial success. Checkers is fun, but the Oculus Quest is a game changer.

Mark Ludwig is president and CEO of Bonafide Medical Group. Reach him at [email protected]



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