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Tomorrow Health exits supply business 

Tomorrow Health exits supply business  Company focuses on its technology offering for supplier partners 

Vijay KedarNEW YORK – Tomorrow Health has closed its first-party HME supply business to “remove barriers and unlock new opportunities” for its network of home-based care providers, the company has announced. 

Tomorrow Health's decision to concentrate on its technology for supplier partners comes as the broader health care ecosystem shifts its strategic priorities and seeks greater support in enabling the delivery and reimbursement of quality home-based care, it says. 

"HME suppliers are a critical lever to shift care to the home, which is often overlooked by payors," Vijay Kedar, CEO and co-Founder, Tomorrow Health. “Tomorrow Health's technology and unique position with payers enables change end-to-end, supporting everything from prescription to reimbursement while arming suppliers with valuable insights that can drive business growth and ensure positive experiences for every single stakeholder." 

Tomorrow Health’s business model has evolved into a connective technology and service layer that coordinates care seamlessly across payers, referring providers, patients and home-based care suppliers. Its approach, built on its prior learnings as an HME supplier business, has delivered technology that it says “supercharges” home-based care provider growth via high-quality, cost-effective care.  

The company's supplier partners include AdaptHealth, Apria, Home Care Delivered, Lincare, and Rotech Healthcare.   

"Our partnership with Tomorrow Health enables us to automate and dramatically scale Home Care Delivered's best-in-class customer onboarding process, while simultaneously allowing us to drive the clinical, quality, and financial outcomes that are needed by patients, their healthcare providers, and payers," said Lowell Price, senior vice president of business development and chief growth officer of Home Care Delivered. "While there are other e-platforms in the market today that we support, none are more strategically aligned to us in both commitment and capability to delivering value-based care in DME than Tomorrow Health. We couldn't be more excited about our partnership." 


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