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Trending at Medtrade: Optimism, selfies and … man buns?

Vegas is a Starbucks and Pepsi kind of town; I am a Dunkin Donuts and Diet Coke kind of girl.

So, I adapt, getting my morning caffeine fix from that Seattle brew (but eschewing Pepsi in favor of water—I do have my standards).

Adapt is a word that most providers are all too familiar with and it's a recurring theme here at Medtrade Spring. As one provider told me Tuesday afternoon, “We've decided we're not going to just give up.”

The folks at AAHomecare are also adapting, ready to roll out a plan B (OK, more like C, D or E) to soften the blow of the next round of reimbursement cuts. There's another bill in the works folks—keep your eyes peeled and your lawmakers on speed dial in the coming weeks.

Still, the mood here on the show floor is optimistic. People are shopping, having great conversations and talking about the abundant opportunities in the HME industry.

It's the baby boomers stupid.

As proof-positive that younger people see opportunity in HME, I'd like to offer the man bun. Yes, you read that right. For those not in the know, defines the man bun thusly: (n): A questionably sexy hairstyle in which a man with hair of the medium to long (and usually greasy) variety secures said hair into a firmly rounded bun.

I spotted my first ever HME man bun today on the show floor. Trust me when I say this is a hairstyle for the younger set—it's not your traditional image of an HME provider.

(We now interrupt, while Theresa takes a sunrise break. A longtime night owl, this is a phenomenon she's not typically witness to back home).

Finally, speaking of old, I still haven't mastered the selfie stick that Anna and Ryan McDevitt dropped off at the HME News booth yesterday. (There's a contest you know). I've been wrestling with the selfie stick in my spare moments ever since. Stop by booth 142 today and show me how to work this damn thing and I'll name drop you in a future blog.


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