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Trickle down effect

Trickle down effect From Alabama to India, a delivery tech is remembered

TROY, Ala. - When provider Jason Jones wanted to honor a deceased co-worker, he did so in a way that combined his two greatest passions: work and clean water.

Mike Marler, a delivery tech for Jones Medical Supply, died of cancer in 2012. His employer recently donated a well in his name to a village in India.

The $3,000 donation, which covered the cost of the well, its construction and its upkeep, comes from an event called WOD (Workout of the Day) for Water, which Jones co-founded. Every year, participants compete in a CrossFit workout to raise money and awareness for an organization called NeverThirst, which builds clean water wells in India, South Sudan, Cambodia and Nepal. This year's event, held Nov. 21, raised $83,000.

“I think he'd be very happy with this,” said Jones, president. “He was always involved and was one of the first to help us do nonprofit work. People in India will have clean water for a long, long time and it's all in Mike's memory”

While Jones also helps those in need closer to home, a trip to India last year opened his eyes, he says.

“They don't have electricity; there is no clean water for miles,” he said. “Kids can't get an education because they have to walk all day to fetch water. When we put in a well, they can go to school.”

While living conditions in countries like India don't compare to the U.S., Jones says, as an HME provider he sees some “sad” situations.

“It's eye opening to see how some people live,” he said. “In a lot of cases that's how they get in the shape they are in. We are glad to be able to try to help people get better.”

The 10-year-old Jones Medical Supply focuses on CPAP and oxygen, but also carries a full line of DME. It accepts Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances. Despite heavy reimbursement cuts over the past few years, Jones says he has the local advantage over competitors Lincare and Rotech.

“Locally owned and operated is our tag line,” he said. “It does make a difference.”


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