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New business is a Plus for Jones Medical Supply

New business is a Plus for Jones Medical Supply

Jason JonesTROY, Ala. – Provider Jason Jones has opened a new, CPAP-focused business to expand his footprint beyond the rural area he has been serving. 

In July, he opened CPAP Plus, offering a full range of CPAP devices, masks and supplies, in Dothan, Ala., partnering with Woody and Joe O’Neal, who launched CPAP Plus in 2021 in Birmingham. 

“We already had great relationships with the referral sources down there, but it didn’t make sense for a patient to drive an hour to Troy for a CPAP,” said Jones, president of Jones Medical Supply. “The concept was there, and we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.” 

Jones Medical Supply’s locations in Troy and Greenville both provide CPAP and home oxygen therapy products and services, and in Greenville, the company also provides diabetic shoes, back braces and power mobility devices. 

The CPAP Plus location allows Jones to tap into a larger population base – a key factor for him. 

“At my new store in Dothan, there’s potentially 120,000 people within 15 minutes,” he said. “It’s a more metropolitan area and people traveling for business maybe have left their CPAP at home, so they can come in and pay for a replacement with cash.” 

In addition to cash sales, Jones is trying to get insurance contracting in place for CPAP Plus – he landed a contract with UnitedHealthcare but is still waiting on Medicare. 

Things are humming along at Jones Medical Supply, too, with a partnership with a local sleep center to offer sleep studies to the offensive linemen of the Troy University Trojans paying off for the company and the athletes. Fifteen players have had a sleep study, 11 qualified for a CPAP and a few were borderline. While several players had AHIs of seven, eight or nine per hour, one had an AHI of 23 per hour, says Jones.  

“I didn’t expect a 23 AHI on the player – he was not the big, huge guy,” he said. “He actually came to me and said, ‘I think I’ve got sleep apnea and I want to get tested.’ His was the worst in the lineup. And now he feels like a different guy.”  

In fact, all of the players who went on CPAP saw their AHIs drop to about one an hour, says Jones.  

“They said they are better in the weight room and better on the practice field, and I’m expecting them to be exemplary students in the classroom, as well,” he said. “The stats don’t lie when it comes to that kind of result.”


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