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'We are heading into Round 2 lean and mean'

'We are heading into Round 2 lean and mean'

Last month, as part of a Technology Special Report that HME News is putting together and that will appear as an insert to the September issue, I asked HME providers to tell me how they have used technology to change their businesses for the better.

It turns out quite a few of you are smart cookies.

Read what John Marotte, operations supervisor for HomeCare New England in Cumberland, R.I., had to say:

“In December, I rolled out iPads to the field for our service technicians and our respiratory therapists (soon to our sales force, as well). The deployment of the iPads has changed the way we do things completely, allowing instant downloading and uploading of orders, which allows instant confirmation and faster billing. The whole process took several months to put together, ensuring HIPAA was followed and that CHAPS was on board with it during our recent accreditation. Coupled with Medforce, which we started using in our office last July, we now create all of our documents digitally, transfer them out, back in, and finally to file, all 100% paperless. Our system also allows for instant retrieval of any document, anytime, from an iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, Windows computer, etc. Our information is totally secure and can never be lost due to multiple backups at multiple sites. The paper savings alone, since this program's inception has been enough to fund the entire project, never mind not needing forms printed from a third-party anymore, saving big money. We are heading into Round 2 of competitive bidding lean and mean!”

That pretty much sums it up: “We are heading into Round 2 of competitive bidding lean and mean.”

When I sent out this inquiry, I'll be honest, I had providers in mind, but I did hear from a few vendors, too, and I'm glad I did. Read what Tracey Jones, marketing coordinator at dmetrain, had to say:

“Using technology we have developed modules online to assist our customers in obtaining reports that are essential to business development. Such modules include the tracking of employee efforts on their annual required training to prove competency in their position. We have started using a newer technology internally, as well. Using corporate social media platforms, such as Chatter and Yammer, we have the tools to communicate with more than a simple email. Similar to a Facebook news feed, our employees post updates of what they're working on, upcoming events, milestones made by our customers (course completions, news about acquisitions), etc. We have changed our business for the better with technology by using a 'pay-it-forward' concept. Developing modules for our customers and passing down the latest technology to them increases their efficiency and also increases both of our bottom lines.”

Chatter and Yammer? You learn something new every day.

Thanks to John, Tracey and everyone else who sent in their technology sucess stories. Again, check them out in the Technology Special Report in the September issue of HME News.


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