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Web presence: Create checklist

Web presence: Create checklist

Gabe BucknerQ. How do I enhance user experience, trust and engagement on my health care website? 

A. Health care websites face distinct challenges due to sensitive information and diverse user needs. Key points to include on your site:

  • Accessibility and usability: Websites must be easy to navigate and accessible for users with different technical skills, physical abilities, and medical knowledge. Solutions include text resizing options, screen reader compatibility and clear language. 
  • Privacy and security: Robust security measures, such as data encryption, secure login systems and privacy policies are essential to protect user's sensitive information and maintain trust. 
  • Information accuracy and credibility: Providing accurate, up-to-date and reliable content requires continuous updates, source validation and adherence to industry standards. 
  • Search functionality and organization: Efficient search capabilities and well-organized content are vital for easy information retrieval, preventing user frustration. 
  • Complex medical jargon: Clear explanations, glossaries or plain language can make content more accessible and user-friendly. 
  • Mobile responsiveness: Websites must display correctly and function smoothly across various devices and screen sizes, as more users access websites on mobile devices. 
  • Outdated content and design: Regularly updating content and design is crucial for maintaining credibility, user engagement and trust. 
  • Integration with patient portals: Health care websites need to design and integrate user-friendly patient portals for secure access to medical records and appointment scheduling, avoiding confusion and frustration. 
  • Slow load times: Optimizing images, minimizing scripts and utilizing content delivery networks can improve load times and prevent users from abandoning the site. 
  • Compliance with regulations: Health care websites need to be compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and ADA, which can be challenging but is essential to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Gabe Buckner is executive vice president, Prodjex. Reach him at


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