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When it comes to seniors, practice tough love

When it comes to seniors, practice tough love

I've talked to a lot of people this week about various HME issues, and here's the quote I like the best, mostly because it addresses one of my pet peeves:

"We've been trying to get the industry to stop thinking that when someone turns 65 they don't have any money. We need providers to ask them to pay for some things. But also lets not assume that once they turn 65 that they also become idiots."

I'll keep this person anonymous because this was part of an aside conversation we digressed into. But I've often wondered this myself. Why do so many HME providers let Medicare beneficiaries slide when it comes to collecting co-pays? And why do so many HME providers talk about seniors as if they are all infantile and need tons of service?

Sure, there are some low-come seniors out there, and others aren't too mentally sharp, but these folks do not represent the majority.

It may require some tough love, but  when it comes to HME these days, more seniors are going to have to pay their fair share, and when possible, rely less on providers for service.

That's the new reality, and if you are a provider who has not bought into that, you are in for a rough ride.

Mike Moran


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