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When it comes to technology, sometimes the journey is the point

When it comes to technology, sometimes the journey is the point

log bookI’m on information overload this week and it’s only Wednesday. And it’s technology information that I’m being inundated with. It’s exhausting. 

Take work. We are switching to new laptops. This is a good thing. But in the lead up to the big switch, I had to start backing up my files differently (In the air! Somewhere!). Now, I’m not a Luddite, by any means, but some concepts are a tad bit harder for me to wrap my mind around. I have a perfectly serviceable desktop. 

The start of the week found me in Julie the dietician’s office at the diabetes center. In addition to bantering about carbohydrates and protein intake, we were also discussing insulin pumps. Namely, what can we do to convince me it’s time to make the switch from multiple daily injections (known to those in the know as MDI). The thing is, once I give myself a shot, I’m done. I’ve always disliked the notion of being tethered to something (cue the irony here where yes, when it comes to work, I prefer to be tethered to my desktop, metaphorically speaking). 

Now, I’ve got an advantage over lots of people with diabetes. I frequently write in these pages about the amazing technology advances the diabetes space is seeing. I get announcements about the latest CGM and pump upgrades, self-management apps and insulin delivery systems, and of course coverage decisions and the latest studies. 

(There’s so much going on, that AAHomecare had to form a council to ensure that providers of diabetes tech and supplies have a seat at the table when it comes to coverage criteria and expanding access.) 

But when it comes to the decision about whether to jump to the pump, much of the decision making turns out to be decidedly low tech. Can I wear it at the beach (insulin, like me, doesn’t like the heat). What about wearing it with a dress? How long does it take to learn how to use it comfortably without accidentally under or overdosing myself on insulin? 

Once I can get over these hurdles (and, let’s face it, the insurance hurdle), the goal is for me to have better BG control, the kind you can’t get from insulin and carb counting alone and CGMs alone.


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