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Why is it important? Why, indeed.

Why is it important? Why, indeed.

Unless  you live under a rock (or, are buried under a snowdrift here on the East Coast), you know that last week saw some massive snowfall.

If you read HME News, (see above reference to rocks and snowdrifts if you don't), you'll also know that's the kind of thing we'll make calls on, to see how providers manage to take care of business not as usual.

We talk to providers all over the country and have lots of good contacts willing to get the word about anything and everything relevant.

Occasionally, I run into folks who make this needlessly difficult. I called a provider in NYC this morning. After getting passed around a few times, I finally spoke (briefly, oh so briefly) with a woman.

HME: Did the storm impact your business?

HER: For a couple days.

HME: Is it still hard to get around?

HER: Not really.

HME: Do you do any oxygen at all?

HER: Who is this again?

HME: HME News.

HER: I don't understand the question. Why is that important?

HME: I appreciate your time today.

Why is that important, she asked. Is she serious? Why wouldn't that be important? Why wouldn't she want other folks to know what providers do when faced with bad weather. Or reimbursement cuts. Or audits. Or competitive—well, you get my drift.

Somebody is apparently not a dear reader.

To those of you who take our calls, and speak frankly and freely and, my favorite, on the record, I'd just like to say thank you and Happy New Year!

Theresa Flaherty


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