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Will this be the year I meet my deductible?

Will this be the year I meet my deductible?

Yesterday, while taking a snow afternoon, I finally managed to connect with Neighborhood Diabetes (who I have actually talked to in the past for stories—kind of cool) that I was referred to by the diabetes center to get the CGM.

The good

The insurer, as expected, gave the OK.

The bad

Also as expected, I would have to pay for the $1,100 device out of pocket because I have not yet met my deductible ($2,500). I never meet the deductible (see previous parentheses).

The OMG!

A three-month supply of the sensors (figuring 1 per week): A whopping $1,356! First, I thought I heard wrong. Then, I actually said, “Oh wait, is that the combined cost of the CGM and the sensors?” Nope. Just the sensors. That too would be applied to the deductible.

Hey, I'd finally meet the deductible. Too bad I'll wipe out my HSA for the year.

Needless to say, I told her to call me back on Tuesday so I could do some number crunching (and research and price shopping). She has to call me back because I couldn't get through to them for three days (a whole different concern).

On a funny note, in order to get the prior authorization, I need to supply three weeks of logs to document that I am testing at least 6x per day. Which I do. Unfortunately, if I don't remember to press save on my meter, it doesn't record the test. Which means I am going to get delayed in the getting the device. It's not that I disagree with the need to supply the logs, but who the heck shells out this kind of money if they aren't serious about managing their diabetes??

I am still leaning toward the CGM, and a blood sugar of 48 this morning about 30 minutes after I got to work (well, I did have to dig out of nearly a foot of heavy, wet snow) is pushing me further down that road.

I am off to test and to make sure I log it. Stay tuned.

Theresa Flaherty

Type 1


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