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Workflow Optimization: Don’t just survive, thrive

Workflow Optimization: Don’t just survive, thrive

Wayne HudsonQ. Why is choosing the right technology partner important? 

A. In the fast-paced landscape of DME, finding the right technology partner can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. DME providers must select partners that offer a commitment to innovation, cost-effectiveness, responsiveness and scalability. Here's why selecting a technology partner is crucial, along with red flags to watch for. 

Stagnation in product innovation can spell doom for DME providers looking to expand their offerings and stay competitive. Your technology partner must be dedicated to ongoing research and development, ensuring their solutions evolve with the industry's changing needs. 

Rising costs without corresponding value can cripple even the most efficient DME operations. Your technology partner should offer transparent pricing models and demonstrate a tangible return on investment. If costs continue to rise without providing additional value or efficiency gains, it may be time to reassess your partnership. 

A "take it or leave it" approach to customer service is unacceptable. Your technology partner should prioritize your needs and tailor their solutions accordingly. Disregarding your specific requirements can lead to inefficiencies and frustrations, hindering your ability to deliver quality care to patients. 

Persistent delays for every request, big or small, can disrupt your operations and erode trust in your technology partner. Timeliness and responsiveness should be top priorities. Choose a partner that prioritizes prompt resolution of issues and communicates transparently about any challenges or delays. 

Weak customer support is a red flag that your technology partner may not be invested in your success. Your business depends on reliable support when issues arise. Ensure that your partner offers robust customer support channels and maintains high standards of service. 

The recent Change Healthcare outage underscores the critical need for contingency planning. The outage impacted numerous hospitals, clinics, EHRs and clearinghouses, disrupting vital services across the health care industry. DME providers, reliant on seamless electronic transactions for billing and claims processing, must partner with software providers that have robust backup solutions in place to ensure minimal downtime and must be agile enough to adapt quickly to market changes.  

Wayne Hudson is director of sales for NikoHealth. Reach him at 540.850.6097 or


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