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'You have to keep moving'

'You have to keep moving'

Nathan Feltman doesn't believe in standing in place. The corporate attorney spent time in Moscow and Chicago before landing in Indiana, where he spent several years working in economic development, including two years as the state's secretary of commerce. As the new president and chief legal counsel of Indianapolis-based Home Health Depot, Feltman plans to keep moving, albeit in a different way.

HME News: Why the career switch?

Nathan Feltman: First, the demand for our products and services is only going to increase with the country's basic demographics. Second, everything I've done in my career, I've always wanted to feel like I was making a difference. Lastly, while there are certainly incredible challenges, we view it as an opportunity to diversify our business.

HME: How will your background help you in your new role?

Feltman: As secretary, I was working to better the economy and bring new jobs and new companies to our state and help existing businesses grow. I interacted with a lot of CEOs. I've learned a lot about the economic pressures that every industry is under and I've learned a lot about how CEOs have to navigate them.

HME: What are some of your plans for Home Health Depot?

Feltman: We are really focused on being a diversified company. Sleep and oxygen are new this year. We are also very much focused on our home market of Indiana and gaining a better foothold throughout the state. We are also looking at a stronger Internet presence.

HME: So you want to keepmoving?

Feltman: We think you have to. We've invested quite a good chunk of change over the last six months in opening up new markets and going after new referral sources.


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