Aeroflow buys sleep business

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Aeroflow Healthcare has acquired the CPAP resupply program of Vernon, Conn.-based Med-Caire.

Following the acquisition, patients throughout Connecticut, North Carolina and South Carolina, where Med-Caire has a presence, will now have access to Aerflow’s resupply program.

“By acquiring Med-Caire’s CPAP resupply line of business, Aeroflow is advancing its mission of improving its patients’ quality of life by expanding the geographic area in which they are served,” said Andrew Amoth, corporate development manager, in a press release.

Med-Caire will refocus its business, assisting patients in other medical and geographical areas, according to the release. The family owned and operated company, which has a staff of 25, provides home respiratory and DME supplies.

Aeroflow says it will continue seeking opportunities to expand through mergers and acquisitions.