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Level the playing field

Level the playing field

As a small business owner in the DME industry, I for one think it is about time CMS and Congress recognize the enormous disparity between mail order and non-mail order reimbursements (“Diabetes payments pushed off a cliff,” HME News, February 2013). Can someone give me a good argument/rationale to not level the playing field? 

Why is there now an outrage about how this is going to affect beneficiaries? Maybe it is just me, but it seemed less a concern when only mail order DME providers were being affected by the national bid. Could this be because the prevailing thought was that beneficiaries could be taken by the large pharmacies—at the expense of countless small business DME providers who would no longer be able to compete for their piece of the “referral pie?”

—Rick Puckett, president, Life Source Medical, Greensboro, N.C.


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