Numotion launches repair program for Alliance Seating and Mobility customers

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ROCKY HILL, Conn. – Numotion will provide access to repairs to all former customers of Alliance Seating and Mobility who own their wheelchairs, the provider announced June 18. 

Those customers have had difficulty accessing repairs since Alliance Seating and Mobility’s parent company, The Scooter Store, laid off most of its employees in March and filed for bankruptcy in April.

“Our concern is with these clients, and we will do what we can to see that they remain safe and independent,” stated Numotion CEO Paul Bergantino.

Providers have been leery of repairing equipment provided by The Scooter Store and Alliance Seating and Mobility because payment hinges on whether they can access documentation from them—and whether that documentation is up to snuff. Bergantino says Numotion will take that chance. 

"While we recognize the payment risk, we feel that the customer's wellbeing is paramount and we will work hard to fill the void left by Alliance,” he stated. 

Alliance Seating and Mobility customers may contact Numotion’s customer care center or any of its 120 locations across the country.






VH Medical Mobility, Provider in Southeast Kentucky,  will Service/Repair Mobility equipment that was provided by other companies. Contact 606-789-1700