Sunrise CEO: We're doing just fine

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LONGMONT, Colo. - Sunrise Medical's most recent financial performance is the "the best the company has seen in many years," company CEO Thomas Rossnagel told HME News in early October. For the fiscal year that ended June 30, the company's global revenues exceeded $370 million, with about 40% of that coming from North America. Rossnagel did not have time for an interview with HME News regarding the company's most recent fiscal performance, but he did take time to respond to some written questions.

HME News: Do you have revenue for sales other than Mobility products? 

Thomas Rossnagel: No.  

HME: Do you have a goal when it comes to your annual growth rate? What percentage of annual growth do you want to see? 

Rossnagel: Sunrise Medical is modeling 3% to 5% of top line organic growth. However, other strategic activities may contribute to additional top line growth.

HME: What were your net profits in fiscal year 2010? 

Rossnagel: As Sunrise Medical is a private company, we do not publicly state this information. However, if you were to compare us with other public companies in our industry, we would be in the upper range of the net profit spectrum. 

HME: You mention that Sunrise is "well ahead of the reorganization project announced in March of 2010." What do you mean by that? How far ahead are you and how do you quantify that? 

Rossnagel: Sunrise Medical will complete the majority of the reorganization activities six months ahead of schedule and achieve higher savings than planned. 

HME: What does Sunrise's reorganization project include and how is it improving performance? 

Rossnagel: Like our reorganization vision statement states, "Sunrise will become the most efficient provider of premium mobility products and service in the U.S. market."