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Yogurt, HME and Yankee ingenuity

Yogurt, HME and Yankee ingenuity

Did you know that Yoplait yogurt cups are the most difficult ones for wildlife to shake off if they get them stuck on their heads? And Yoplait refuses to change the design. 

These are the things I learn while visiting the wilds of Cape Cod.

I last visited my parents in April. This trip, I noticed, there were a few changes aimed at making life a little easier (hey, they're not getting any younger). The first is a railing attached to the house near steps to the back deck. This is pretty self explanatory and fortunately, there's still no grab bars on the hot tub. Yet.

The other was this nifty little homemade thingamajiggy that they use to unlock the inside passenger door of my Dad's pickup (It's a giant Ford). It's simply a piece of wood with a metal hook at the end that saves having to streeeetch across the front seat. I gotta admit, it's pretty clever, and preferable to having the keys hurled over the hood of the truck at me (although I sense Mom enjoys doing that) so I can unlock it myself. In HME parlance, it's a reacher for the car. 

As a final note, for those of you following my gardening experiment, I brought my first harvest to the Cape with me: two beautiful green peppers. They were so fresh and green peppery compared to what you buy at the supermarket, I almost couldn't eat them. How's that for irony?

Don't buy Yoplait.

Theresa Flaherty


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