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When in doubt, get out those ABNs

June 3, 2019Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Have you ever been in Best Buy, simply trying to purchase whatever electronic device and been forced to listen to *The Spiel? It's been a few years for me, but I seem to recall it had to do with them trying to sell you some sort of warranty and now matter how politely or firmly you try to stop the cashier from wasting their breath (and your time), they are required by the Corporate Overlords to do it any way. I was reminded of this recently while reporting a story about ongoing confusion regarding...


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Reporter's notebook: Cash customer? ABN still gold standard

May 31, 2019Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

With more and more providers switching their focus from Medicare to cash sales, it's unsurprising that there's occasional confusion about whether an advance beneficiary notice is needed.HME News recently received an email from a small DME supplier that has not billed Medicare in four years and recently learned they still needed to complete ABNs for all Medicare beneficiaries.“We have people come into our business that have Medicare but are choosing to pay out of pocket because they don't want...

ABNs, Home Medical Equipment

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Also Noted

Billing reminders: RTLT modifiers, DWOs, ABNs

February 15, 2019HME News Staff

WATERLOO, Iowa - HCPCS codes that require the RTLT modifiers need to be on two separate claim lines effective for dates of service beginning March 1, VGM has alerted providers. Currently, it's acceptable to use one claim line with two units of service with RTLT…VGM has also reminded providers that they can complete detailed written orders for CPAP accessories, with the exception of the physician's signature and signature date. VGM says that DWOs are not required prior to delivery but are required...

ABNs, DWOs, Modifiers

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Reporter's notebook: Loyal customers, the ABN and creativity

September 26, 2014Liz Beaulieu, Editor

Suppose you were an HME provider supplying a Medicare beneficiary with oxygen therapy through a competitive bidding contract. Suppose the beneficiary also needs non-prescription items like a hospital bed, mattress and other HME for which you don't have contracts.Suppose the beneficiary and his or her children want to continue doing business with you, even though you don't have the contracts. What are your options?“You can't sell the equipment to the patient, so we sell the equipment to the...


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