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10 most interesting people in the HME industry, version 2.0

10 most interesting people in the HME industry, version 2.0

I don't know about you, but I'm in Medtrade preparation mode. That means, in part, scheduling interviews for HME News TV at the show. We tape every half hour during the show floor hours Tuesday through Thursday, with an 1-hour break for lunch each day. So it's quite a few interviews. In all, it'll be about 25.

We usually tape the interviews in our booth (which is 569, by the way). But not this year. This year, with Medtrade's help, we're going all out. We're taping the interviews by the last set of escalators that you take to get down to the show floor. You shouldn't be able to miss us: We'll have a stage, lights and a large TV airing the interviews.

We'll also have Jennifer Keirn, one of our contributing editors, taping the interviews. She's just as, if not more, capable than me, and she's definitely more telegenic.

All this scheduling got me to thinking about a list of the 10 most interesting people in the HME industry that we put together last year. We based the list on how many times their interviews were viewed on HME News TV on our website.

Here's the list for this year:

1.) Mike Pfister, The Scooter Store, with 813 views
Power wheelchair giant explains its competitive bidding strategy

2.) Ty Bello, [email protected], with 339 views
The rise of “hospitalists” and what these new referral sources mean for HME providers

3.) Jim Greatorex, Black Bear Medical, with 290 views
An HME retail guru explains what it takes to pump up cash sales

4.) Mike Sicilian, Managed Health Care, with 252 views
MHA acquires The MED Group and sees great potential in the HME industry

5.) Jane Bunch, Jane's Billing and Consultation Services, with 242 views
Intake is everything: Here's how to do it right

6.) Jeff Baird, Brown & Fortunato, with 236 views
What are Internet sales leads and how can they build your business

7.) Eric Kline, Elint Technology, with 209 views
Sales compensation: How to stay profitable and keep your reps happy

8.) Cara Bachenheimer, Invacare, with 206  views
CMS has put ACOs on a fast track. Your next move: Wow hospitals with how you contribute to better outcomes

9.) Lisa Wells and Craig Stevens, UroMed, with 205  views
UroMed revved up its website and boosted sales

10.) Harvey Diamond, Drive Medical, with 201 views
The best manufacturers show providers how to make money

It's a good group. There's one familiar face: Eric Kline was on the list last year and he's on the list again this year. I may have to call him and schedule him for another interview this year, just so he has a shot at three years in a row in 2012.

The themes, in terms of topic, are similar last year and this year: sales, billing, competitive bidding, but mostly sales. Hence the popularity of Kline and other sales gurus. I'm surprised audits aren't a topic represented in the list. Denise Fletcher was on the list last year talking about just that.

Also of note: Doug Harrison of The Scooter Store topped the list last year; Mike Pfister of The Scooter Store topped the list this year. I may have to call them, too.

Liz Beaulieu


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