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Forget the fall TV schedule

Forget the fall TV schedule

At Medtrade next week, while the Maine-based editors of HME News run around putting together onsite newspapers (get your copy of the Show Dailies at the top of the elevators on Wednesday and Thursday mornings), Cleveland-based Contributing Editor Jennifer Keirn will be manning (womanning?) the HME News TV studio.

I think we have a record number of interviews scheduled this year—32 over two-and-a-half days!

While you're walking the show floor, swing by the studio at Booth 1367 to see your favorite industry stakeholder being interviewed (Although this booth doesn't show up on the floor plan, show organizers assure me that it does, indeed, exist and will appear on the floor plan in the Show Directory onsite).

Here's a look at the schedule for your planning purposes:

Tuesday, Oct. 8
9 - Randy Lutz, ThedaCare at Home (a 2013 HME Excellence Award winner)
9:30 - Miriam Lieber, Lieber Consulting (on leadership)
10 - Andrew Pyrih, Pride Mobility (on retail)
10:30 - Cliff Woolard, Home Med-Equip (on retail - hey, it's a popular topic)
11 - Cara Bachenheimer, Invacare (on the legislative topic du jour - perhaps the new reimbursement rates for the Round 1 re-compete that were announced today)
11:30 - Kim Brummett, AAHomecare (on everyone's favorite topic: the new face-to-face rule)
1:00 - Jim Greatorex, Black Bear Medical (on his top retail picks from the show floor)
1:30 - Sarah Hanna, ECS Billing & Consulting North (on audit activity from commercial payers)
2 - Jeff Mastej, Wright & Filippis (on audits - another favorite topic)
2:30 - Eric Kline, HME SalesPro (on his philanthropic efforts through Angle Flight)
3 - Eli Diacoupolis, Philips Respironics (on how technology can provide cost savings and efficiencies)
3:30 - Regis Farrell, Prius Healthcare USA (on turnarounds)

Wednesday, Oct. 9
9 - Anna McDevitt, Laboratory Marketing (on content marketing)
9:30 - Kathleen Gallivan, Renewal Technologies (on turning order takes into consumer educators)
10 - Brian LaDuke, Invacare (on a fleet management business model)
10:30 - Michael Sanderson, RemitData (on trending denial data)
11 - Greg Sims, DMEevalumate (on coaching referral sources on documentation)
11:30 - Gerald Sloan, MAMES (on critical decision making in stressful times)
1 - Weesie Walker, NRRTS (on being the group's new executive director)
1:30 Kelly Franko, Advantage Training (on, you guessed it, training)
2 - Lisa Wells, Get Social Consulting (on marketing strategies for cash sales)
2:30 - Rob Boeye, Brightree
3 - Jeremy Kauten, VGM Forbin (on Internet use by the older population)
3:30 - Jonathan Sadock, Paragon Ventures (on developing M&A strategies under healthcare reform)

Thursday, Oct. 10
9 - Jeff Baird, Brown & Fortunato (on the legal issue du jour)
9:30 - Seth Johnson, Pride Mobility (on the power wheelchair issue due jour, possibly the PMD demo or the bill to create a separate benefit)
10 - Pat O'Brien, Golden Technologies (on driving traffic to your location)
10:30 - Tom Ryan, AAHomecare (on being the new president and CEO)
11 - Kevin Gaffney, Medtrade (a look at this year's show and next year's Medtrade Spring)
11:30 - Joe Kuehn, Genairex (on the company's decision to manufacture all products in the US)
12 - Neil Caesar, Health Law Center (on structuring and operating competitive bidding contracts)

Safe travels everyone, and see you next week!


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