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AgaMatrix take a bite out of Apple

AgaMatrix take a bite out of Apple

SALEM, N.H. - AgaMatrix, the manufacturer of WaveSense blood glucose monitors, has created a free application (app) for Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone to help people with diabetes better manage their disease.

"By creating and bringing cutting edge disease management tools specifically for the patient, hopefully, this will produce better outcomes," said Maureen Ursprung, the company's director of national accounts.

The WaveSense Diabetes Manager app is an electronic logbook. Its features, among others, include:

• Graphing of glucose data

• Insulin dosage management

• Statistical analysis of glucose results

• Mealtime tagging results

• Onscreen help menus

For the HME provider, the app is a value-added feature intended to enhance his relationship with the consumer and strengthen demand for WaveSense monitors, Ursprung said.

"The provider is already working with these folks," she said. "Now he can tell them where they go to download this application--if they have the iPhone or iPod Touch--and start tracking their diabetes info."

In a larger sense, the app is part of a societal movement toward simple, user-friendly, convenient online solutions.

"A lot of seniors and their caregivers are on the Web, looking for other ways to get medical supplies," she said. "We see it leading toward electronic technology and think it is going to be a major trend in diabetes (management)."


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