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Alert to opportunity

Alert to opportunity

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Provider Erika Feinberg is always on the hunt for caregiving solutions.

In May, the CEO of ActiveForever launched the ActiveHalo GPS Tracking System in partnership with Amber Alert.

“A lot of people think Amber Alert is just a national network that helps find lost children but they have extensive tech infrastructure in place with GPS units that are sold to families with kids,” said Feinberg. “We said, 'Wow, that could be huge in the adult market.'”

ActiveHalo is similar to medical or wander alert systems in that it allows real-time tracking of a patient or loved one, but it also allows the caregiver to customize the system. Users can set safe zones and alerts via text or phone when they are entered/exited; require that alerts be sent to others; and indicate when the police need to be called, among other options.

The kicker: ActiveHalo works anywhere there is mobile phone access.

“A lot of the alerts that exist out there are very restricted to only inside the facility,” said Feinberg. “(They don't) have all those little things that the care providers have been asking for.”

Other features include two-way communication and an SOS button. The system retails for about $200, which ActiveForever pockets, plus a monthly subscription fee of $24.99 a month that is collected by AmberAlert.

The addition of ActiveHalo is just another way ActiveForever is evolving. The cash-only provider, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, offers medical, fitness and safety equipment and supplies through an online presence and two retail locations in the Phoenix area.


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