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Appoint360 runs circles around scheduling

Appoint360 runs circles around scheduling ‘Clients have reduced their costs by 30%’

Enida MimaniBOSTON – Appoint360, a new SaaS-based solution allowing HME providers to offer their patients the ability to self-schedule, addresses a major pain point, company officials say. 

Appoint360, which recently hit the milestone of facilitating 10,000 appointments a month, makes HME providers less reliant on schedulers. 

“Twenty-five to 35% of orders aren’t being completed – where is the bottleneck?” said Enida Mimani, director of healthcare solutions for Analytix Solutions, a provider of products and services, like Appoint360, that support the growth and sustainability of small- to medium-sized businesses. “The feedback we received is that clients with teams of only two or three schedulers who experienced turnover were suffering from inefficiencies, resulting in loss of revenue and collection.” 

Appoint360 centers on sending patients a unique link that they can click to select an appointment slot and receive reminders – a level of engagement that company officials say also helps HME providers prevent no-shows and cancelled appointments. 

Additionally, the white-label solution allows HME providers to limit appointments based on their inventory levels and allows their clinicians to conduct remote setups and incorporate travel time when they’re on the road – with more to come, Mimani says. 

“The enhancement pipeline is a rich one and one feature at the top is single-sign-on,” she said. “We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of security and investment in IT and service, and being able to integrate that with single sign-on, with whatever the DME is using internally for security, makes this an inseparable tool.” 

Automated appointment management may seem like a small measure, but it can go a long way to modernize an HME provider’s operations, allowing their patients to use tools they’re familiar with, and impact their costs, says Satish Patel, CEO and founder of Analytix Solutions and director of Appoint360. 

“People look for solutions that can increase their efficiency,” he said. “How can they make their operations more efficient and reduce overall costs? Even with just scheduling, clients have reduced their costs by 30%.”


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