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Association launches online show

Association launches online show

HOUSTON - Rhonda Turner is taking to the airwaves with a call-in radio show.

"We are hoping this is something that is not only going to be fun but will serve as an active tool for women," said Turner, executive director of the American Association for Breast Care Professionals (AABCP). "They will have an ongoing place to call in and talk to experts, or just call and ask questions."

Set to launch sometime in February, "The Politics of Breast Care" is a 15-minute broadcast that will air over the Internet on, which listeners can access through the association's website,

The show format will include a discussion of a particular issue with listeners calling in or posting questions via a live chat session.

"There's quite a few different ways of interacting and getting the message across," said Turner.

The show will also feature guest speakers on occasion. Already lined up: An author who has written a book about coping with family members that have breast cancer, and manufacturers talking about product innovations.

With "politics" in the title, listeners can be sure that the show can also serve as a platform for raising awareness of industry legislation. The association is currently working to get Medicare coverage for custom breast forms.

"Politics involves everything," said Turner. "It's not just the political aspects, but people's perceptions of what we do for a living and the products that are out there."

To start, the show will broadcast every other week. Turner also plans to do live broadcasts from industry trade shows.


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