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ATF Medical grows ATP staff

ATF Medical grows ATP staff

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - With its new senior rehab consultant Melissa Freeman, ATF Medical now has 11 ATPs on staff.

Freeman, an ATP and CEAS, brings skills in assistive communication to the company, which provides medical equipment and adaptive house solutions for the workers' compensation market.

“I had a lot of clients who received, used and benefited from speech and language devices," she said. "They're utilized a lot more than they used to be as technology becomes more universal. Before, communication devices were things like DynaVox and standalone devices like that, but with iPads, tablets, cell phones and apps, there are so many more possibilities for people who need communication devices.”

With more than 30 years of experience in assistive technology, vocational rehab, and seating and mobility, Freeman will analyze DME recommendations for injured workers and provide comprehensive explanations for ATF Medical's solutions, as well as train staff and clients.

Unlike Medicare and Medicaid, which generally have defined and consistent guidelines, workers' compensation doesn't, says Sid Glover, president and CEO. That makes it a challenging market.

“You've got 50 different states and all 50 of those states have different rules and regulations when it comes to injured workers,” he said.

Not only that, but there are also adjusters, case managers, attorneys, physical therapists, doctors and third party administrators to contend with, all of whom have different goals and objectives.

“We got into this business to help people and that's really what we want to do,” said Glover. “It's unfortunate that people get injured, but I think we can take a lot of confidence in the fact that we do the very best that we can for people.”


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