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ATLAS-RPM maps out success

ATLAS-RPM maps out success Company offers consulting services from industry vets Bill Paul, Ty Bello and Jonathan Walters

LAS VEGAS - Bill Paul, Ty Bello and Jonathan Walters have combined their expertise in software, sales and marketing, and operations to form a professional services group called ATLAS-RPM.

The trio launched the company last year, but it made its official debut on the conference circuit this spring, including at the International Seating Symposium in March, Medtrade Spring in April and the National CRT Leadership & Advocacy Conference in May.

“We're taking all of our experience developing systems and procedures, and using it to enhance independent providers to better compete with national providers,” said Bill Paul, CEO of ATLAS Software, a enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software that he started when he owned Academy Medical Equipment.

Here's what Paul, Bello and Walters had to say about what they bring to ATLAS-RPM and their work with provider clients.

Bill Paul

Paul sold Academy Medical Equipment to a national provider in 2017 and began focusing 100% on ATLAS Software that same year. He began building the software five years earlier, discouraged that there was no one solution for all his business management needs.

“It wasn't my intent to build software for providers; I just wanted to buy something,” he said. “But to do what I needed to do, I would have had to license three different software systems and, at the time, they didn't talk to each other.”

The right software, Paul says, is the backbone to running a successful HME company.

“The three clients that have been with us the longest—they have doubled their business since using our software,” he said. “Being able to improve their operational efficiency and integrate their efforts has allowed them to shorten the turnaround time to get their orders completed.”

Ty Bello

Well-known to the industry, Bello offers his familiar flair for sales. He has helped one provider client view their ATPs as the “engines that grow the business.”

“We got them to a point where their top two ATPs were so booked with business they couldn't take on any more prospecting,” he said. “So we hired a non-clinical sales rep just for them. The rep starts the relationships with referral sources and the ATPs then go in and solidify the relationships. They probably would have gotten there on their own, but we were able to turn it around more quickly.”

Jonathan Walters

With his past experience at Monroe Wheelchair, where he worked his way up from ATP/SMS to a leadership position, Walters offers an outside perspective on everything from developing teams of ATPs to formulating processes for internal and external communication.

“We want to make the independent provider successful but we also want them to be excited about what they're doing,” he said. “We don't want them to feel like they need to get out or sell out. We want them to feel like they can do this if they have the right people and processes.”


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