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AZ MediQuip CEO: ‘Digitally, we’re behind – that's an opportunity’

AZ MediQuip CEO: ‘Digitally, we’re behind – that's an opportunity’

Lane HammSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Lane Hamm has spent most of his career in retail, which he describes as a fast-paced and constantly changing environment, a valuable perspective he brings to his new role leading AZ-MediQuip. 

“Consumer needs continue to evolve and change,” said Hamm, who recently became CEO of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based AZ MediQuip. “Certainly, what they are looking at, and how they get access to information and products – to me that’s a fun puzzle to solve.”  

Hamm spoke with HME News recently about consumer wants vs. needs, as well as where he sees opportunities for growth. 

HME News: How does HME retail differ from other markets?  

Lane Hamm: In retail, a lot of it is wants vs. needs, whether it’s clothes or a car or an appliance. In our industry, nobody wants to go out and buy a mobility scooter, but they need it. I think that’s a completely different way of thinking about the consumers. The products that we sell people don’t encounter in day-to-day life and then suddenly need it and don’t know much about it. We have to think about the hurdles our customers have to jump through. 

HME: How does HME retail stack up against other markets? 

Hamm: My initial impressions is, and certainly at AZ, we do a good job and some of our competitors do a fairly good job, as well. I do think there is opportunity on the technology side and part of that may be the age and demographics of our customers. Digitally, we’re behind – that’s an opportunity. And then how do you reach these potential customers and provide the products and services they need, so from a marketing standpoint, there’s some opportunity, as well.  

HME: What are your plans for the first year in your new role? 

Hamm: The first thing is to, No. 1, continue to learn more about the marketplace and the industry I’m in. As far as the business itself goes, it’s about how do we leverage our strength? One of things we provide vs. the online competition is great service. We have people who understand the products and provide solutions because we listen to the customer and understand their needs. 

HME: Where do see opportunities for growth for AZ MediQuip? 

Hamm: We have an opportunity to grow our rental business, particularly where we’re at. There’s a lot of seasonal traffic to the marketplace. We’ve got events this year, like the Super Bowl. We’re also looking for opportunities to grow within Arizona, geographically with other locations, both organically and through acquisitions, and it may not be exactly what we’re doing today but (looking at) how do we broaden the services we provide? That’s what we’re focused on in 2023.


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