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Back from Medtrade, I'm worded out

Back from Medtrade, I'm worded out

The HME News team got back from Medtrade last night via what turned out to be a fairly bumpy airplane ride. I felt better knowing, though, that Jim Greatorex (Black Bear Medical) was on the plane.

After helping to put together two Show Dailies in 48 hours, I'm pretty worded out.

Sooo, this blog is going to be all about some of my favorite scenes from Medtrade, like:

A tete a tete between these two HME powerhouses, Mal Mixon and Van Miller (thank you Carolyn Cole for sharing!)

A man known as the grandfather of HME, Shelly Prial, listening to the industry's newest champion, Rep. Tom Price

An exhibitor, Sky Med, taking advantage of Halloween to decorate its booth

That there were scantily clad men

To go along with the scantily clad women.

And on that note, I'm out.


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