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Binson's shines on diamond anniversary

Binson's shines on diamond anniversary Has plans to grow through bid program

CENTER LINE, Mich. - The formula for success at Binson's Home Health Centers is simple, says owner Jim Binson.

“It's a family operation,” said Binson, 70, the son of founder George Binson. “There aren't a lot of those left. Here, we take care of our people and take care of our customers.”

Binson's will soon have more of both to take care of. The provider accepted contracts for several product categories in multiple competitive bidding areas, including a national mail-order contract for diabetes supplies. Binson's planned to hire 100 new employees to service those contracts.

Binson's got its start as a local pharmacy—complete with soda fountain—in 1953. Today, the provider has 10 locations and employs more than 300 in Michigan and Florida, including five generations of Binsons.

The new employees, who will handle calls and

shipping, will have to be on their toes, says Bob Binson, one of founder George Binson's grandsons and vice president of customer service and clinical services.

“With these low margins, you can't afford to mess up,” he said. “It's not the equipment price that's the problem—it's the service price. It's hugely important to do it one time and do it right.”

Binson's will also negotiate with manufacturers to find a price point that works under the new program and will automate as much as possible, Bob Binson said.

Still, faced with steep reimbursement cuts, Binson's will have to make some changes that will affect patients, like curtailing deliveries.

That's a bitter pill to swallow for Jim Binson, who grew up making bicycle deliveries of wound care and ostomy supplies to neighborhood customers.

“It's going to be very hard,” he said. “But we just can't deliver everything anymore.”

One thing that won't change is Binson's commitment to serving its community, says Vice President Jimmy Binson, another of the founder's grandsons.

“We have a quality of care that we stand behind,” he said.

The family is also committed to continuing its philanthropic traditions, which started with donating to charities for polio and other causes in the company's early years. Those traditions continue today with contributions to foundations for breast cancer and muscular dystrophy, as well as an HME loan closet for several causes.

“We have always felt the need to be part of the community and give back,” said Bob Binson. “It's something we grew up with.”


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