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Branding: Be that company

Branding: Be that company Q. What is a brand and why does building one matter?

A. Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald's, Apple.

These one-word business names represent some of the most well-known brands in the world. When you read these brand names, what do you envision? Do you immediately know what each company does? How each brand makes you feel? If you can quickly answer these questions, it is clear each brand has made an impact on your life. 

Often, communication professionals and businesses simplify a brand into colors, taglines and logos. Although these elements are important, we lose the big picture of a brand when we center our focus on them.

A brand is not just a name, logo or set of colors; it is a promise to consumers and staff, a unique set of beliefs and way of doing business. A brand is a multi-layered identity.

Building a brand matters because it provides you with the proper framework to build your business. 

With constantly changing healthcare regulations, payment methods and an aging society, competition for business increases every minute.

Healthcare businesses and industries are competing for the attention of your customers in an over-messaged market. Consumers don't want to shuffle through the competition—they want to purchase products from a company that has clearly identified what it is and what it will provide to its consumers. Be that company.

Medical equipment may be your end product, but it is not the only thing you provide.

An effective brand should show customers, staff and potential staff an a la carte menu of your strong traits—quality customer service that focuses on possibility, independence and a new way of living.

Lalaina Rabary is the communications and marketing specialist for People for Quality Care. Reach her at lalaina.rabary


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