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Branding: Put your name on display

Branding: Put your name on display Q. Where can I find branding opportunities?

A. After my first day at the American Society on Aging conference in Chicago, I was shocked. More than 3,000 professionals were in attendance and many that I spoke to were unfamiliar with HME.  

Throughout each conversation, I would put a smile on my face and eagerly describe the acronym and quick snippets of what our industry is about—quality products and passionate service to those in need (emphasis on seniors). This message resonated quickly and soon my conversation partners were nodding their heads and asking questions.

I was on a mission to be a good brand ambassador for HME.

My eagerness spilled into conversations about HME on elevator rides, in restaurants, before sessions and in checkout lines. By the final evening of the conference I was exhausted. It dawned on me: branding never stops! You cannot “clock-out” when promoting or building your brand. Instead, you should be vigilant for chances to bring awareness to your unique business identity.  

There are many branding opportunities around you. To kick start your search, think of your brand as a friend. Where would you go to talk about your friend? Who would you introduce your friend to? Places that come to mind include traditional healthcare settings, like senior centers and assisted living facilities, or new locations, like disease support groups or athletic camps. Answering these questions not only opens up opportunities to share your brand, but hopefully instills a natural desire to weave your brand into conversation. 

There are many people who need or will need your business in the future. Do not wait for them to find you. Put your brand on display and deliver on your promises.

Lalaina Rabary is the communications and marketing specialist for People for Quality Care. Reach her at lalaina.rabary


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