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Burmans changes channel on advertisers

Burmans changes channel on advertisers

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. - Tired of losing catheter patients to TV advertisers offering free samples, provider Steve Burman decided it was time to reintroduce his company.

“I saw the need for us to step up our patient interactions and patient care and inform them that when they respond to these ads they may be signing up to go to that company,” said Burman, founder and CEO of Burmans Medical Supplies. “We want to make sure our patients are aware that we can offer all the same things.”

In April, the provider launched an outreach campaign that focuses on educating referral sources on what Burmans has to offer their patients and touting their customer service—several of its customer service representatives have been with the company for more than 10 years.

“That brings consistency to referral sources—the knowledge they have, the ability to coordinate care, and they understand the compliance requirements,” said Burman.

The average catheter patient remains on service for three to four years, making for consistent business, says Burman.

Besides catheters, Burmans specializes in other disposable medical supplies like surgical supplies and wound care; and also has a specialty pharmacy, which services patients with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis—another selling point for catheters, says Burman.

“A lot of patients with MS develop the need for catheters,” he said. “We are looking for those patients and seeing some overlap where we can be a one-stop shop.”


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