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Business operations: Welcome to Disneyland

Business operations: Welcome to Disneyland

Louis Feuer has been presenting at Medtrade since 1987, one of the longest tenured speakers in the industry. He's seen it all over the years, and thinks HME providers can learn a lot by the example of Walt Disney and the Disney business model. Feuer will bring his Mickey Mouse ears and gloves to Medtrade Spring, along with his Disney-inspired lessons.

HME News: Why Disney?

Louis Feuer: There are very few organizations worldwide that focus on customer service like Disney. Disney created an experience from the moment you pull into the parking lot. Disney said, stop worrying about the cost of the ticket and bring value to the investment. For us, it's not the $100 wheelchair, it's the repair, the service, the lady on the phone, what you do when there's a problem. Give quality for money invested.

HME: What's an example of a Disney principle that HME providers should adopt?

Feuer: Disney believes that attitude trumps aptitude. Hire the right people and you can train them. Your company needs to be represented by hard-working, dedicated professionals. In the HME industry, it's almost the opposite.

HME: But no HME provider has a Disney-sized budget.

Feuer: You don't need resources. You need to change your mindset. It's about rethinking the customer experience. This is a program that opens up your mind to what one of the most successful business people in the world has done. Disney believes staff members are the best consultants. You can call outside consultants all you want, but there's no better one than your own employee.

HME: What's the result of adopting this kind of mindset?

Feuer: Disney doesn't change lives, but they do create memories. I think we can create memories too. We change people's lives. We make them better. We are more impactful than we think.


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