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CCS survey: Education lacking for diabetes

CCS survey: Education lacking for diabetes

Arti MasturzoDALLAS – CCS engaged independent market research firm PureSpectrum to survey more than 1,500 people living with diabetes to understand their attitude on an array of timely issues, including growing demand for GLP-1 weight loss drugs. 

The survey found 57% of people with diabetes think GLP-1 weight loss drugs alone may be a silver bullet for helping achieve their health goals. 

“GLP-1 weight loss drugs alone are not a silver bullet when it comes to improving the health and well-being of those living with diabetes,” said Dr. Arti Masturzo, chief medical officer at CCS. “These drugs do offer hope for those living with diabetes and others looking to manage obesity, but they should be prescribed in conjunction with hands-on personalized education and coaching, as well as the appropriate medical device technology needed to streamline diabetes self-management.” 

Other findings from the survey: 

  • 36% of respondents felt they did not have enough information provided when they were first diagnosed with their condition — or were first responsible for their own care — to help them effectively manage their condition.  

  • 71% believe any organization that supports their diabetes care management should also be engaging with them in between doctor visits, yet 41% typically see their clinician only two to three times a year, suggesting a significant gap in support.  

  • 94% stated they’d be likely to consistently engage with their diabetes medical supplier as a critical part of their care team. 

  • 42% reported experiencing a life-threatening emergency caused by their diabetes. Of that group, 82% also said that the emergency could have been prevented with better support in the management of their diabetes.


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