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Cheeseheads, zombies and chocolate? It must be Medtrade.

Cheeseheads, zombies and chocolate? It must be Medtrade.

I touched down in Atlanta Sunday afternoon. Helloooo summertime temps. (I had to break down and commit to turning up the thermostat at home last week so the warm weather was most welcome).

Downtown Atlanta was crazy with tailgate parties and people walking around with large cheese wedges on their heads. Apparently, there was some sort of football game happening? Just kidding. Even I figured out it was the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons—Jay Witter, I hope whoever you were rooting for won!

But I'd never seen a Cheesehead in the flesh before. They really do exist!

There was also some sort of Walking Dead Convention. No, that's not what we're calling Medtrade 2016 although one could be forgiven for thinking so. With all the drastic reductions in pricing, not just to Medicare, but other payers, 2016 has been a dark year indeed.

Pale-faced zombies were actually afoot in our fine hotel lobby. Which is appropriate, considering it's also Halloween.

Still, while one could have a morbid attitude toward all things HME, I, for one, am excited to be here. The energy levels tend to be high and it's fun to chat with people in person, rather than speaking to a disembodied voice over the phone. I hope all those who come to the show find what they are looking for, be it new products, new ideas, new connections or tons of leftover Halloween candy.


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