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Collins Medical embraces tech with new program

Collins Medical embraces tech with new program

Bryan CollinsFAIRFIELD, Conn. – Collins Medical Equipment recently launched a new CPAP program that leans heavily on technology to bridge a gap in local options, says Bryan Collins. 

To develop the program, Collins Medical partnered with SleepGlad, which offers an AI-enabled mask fitting; and rtNOW, which offers a telehealth platform for set-up and adherence services. 

“We have heard time and time again how hard many providers are to deal with,” said Collins, director of sales and marketing. “We have a good reputation, so we wanted to carry that on and, hopefully, take care of our patients a little bit better. They are already getting supplies from us and now we're kind of bridging the gap wherever we can.” 

Collins Medical also offers an e-prescribe option through Parachute Health, making the process frictionless for its referral sources. 

The overall goal, says Andrea Collins, director of marketing and PR, is to give CPAP patients “an unparalleled experience.” 

“They can come into our store and get that initial fitting and set-up at our store, or if they just feel more comfortable doing it at home they can do it at home as well,” she said. “And rtNOW has a very good adherence program to support patients. It’s not, ‘OK, thanks, bye’ once the CPAP is set up.” 

CPAP therapy is a good fit for the family-owned company of nearly 93 years, which offers DME and compression stockings, along with diabetes and incontinence supplies, including a robust resupply business. With the CPAP program, it's looking to accelerate growth, says Bryan Collins. 

“We’re starting off here in Connecticut as kind of like a pilot and then we'll hopefully be able to scale across the country,” he said. “We're always constantly trying to learn and evolve as well so we take our historical experience and match that with the latest technologies and try to look forward.”


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